My Mission

I believe that we were all put on this planet for a purpose.

A purpose that is uncovered and illuminated by embracing and nurturing what makes you, you – once you master the connection between your inner and outer world.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human behaviour. Perhaps it was a by-product of growing up in a larger (and louder) than life Lebanese family, with six siblings. Channelling this curiosity into studying psychology, coaching, and a whole bunch of personal development helped me acquire rich expertise and qualifications in a variety of mental health disciplines.

Applying my knowledge in the real world meant gaining extensive experience in executive and entrepreneurial leadership – providing me with an intricate understanding of the privilege and pressures of leading others.

I’ve seen the power of mindset transform and even save people’s lives.

But my passion for what I do was not born in a workplace, or a classroom. It was born in moments that were close to home and heart – the moments that change your life forever in a split second, taking you somewhere else before you’ve even blinked an eye or felt your next heartbeat. 2020 was a year nobody can forget. Amidst a pandemic, I watched my father endure a sudden stroke and pass away less than 24 hours later. It was, and still is the hardest and heaviest hurt I have ever known.

My healing journey made me realise that I needed my mind and body to become friends again if I was truly going to practice what I preach. Through it, I learnt (and continue to learn) that transformation is confronting, challenging, bewildering, exhausting and magical all at the same time. I’ve learnt that to fulfil your dreams, you must be willing to adventure beyond all that you have ever known and conquer fears and self-doubt. I’ve learnt that you can’t always control what is going on the outside – but you can certainly control your own perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, actions – and even emotions.

Just like you, I sometimes get stuck in analysis-paralysis or soaked to the bone in self-doubt. I understand how heavy mind clutter can be; draining you mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually.
It was during the depths of feeling disconnected from myself that I discovered exactly how to find that courage from within.

On my ever-evolving quest for uncovering deeper meaning, I continue to learn. I have discovered that there is an art and science to personal development, and beauty is found when you create a balance between structured learning and the classroom of life – integrating all lessons with an open mind and open heart.  

I am truly lit up by helping people obtain the connection, clarity, certainty and courage they need to grow with confidence, and flourish in all areas of their life. 

Maggie's coaching helped me take a step back & take control of how I react & process the outcome of challenges. It allowed me to move away from an " I don't know mentality" and move to a mindset where I dispel doubt and affirm certainty. Maggie's coaching style is direct whilst being empathetic & positive. The homework Maggie provides challenges you & highlights that small changes in thought can produce massive results. I'd recommend Maggie as a one on one coach or in a business setting as she has provided support to me in all facets of life.

Steve Durham

Accounts Manager – Construction

With her wealth of practical experience and intuitively-guided skills, Maggie deep dives into the universal concept of human connection, on her insatiable quest to enrich it. Believing that every individual has a profound purpose on the planet – this creative, deep thinker helps those who are feeling disconnected from their ideal place of wellbeing uncover their inner power through deep exploration of self, relationships with others and the world at large.

Maggie helps purpose-led individuals and organisations expand their potential, so they can grow with intention, communicate authentically and thrive in meaningful ways. As a Human Connection Specialist, Maggie provides a unique blend of Connectivity Coaching, mental health, personal development and communication services. With qualifications and extensive experience in psychology, coaching and Demartini Method® facilitation, Maggie’s expertise in human behaviour combines scientifically-proven and spiritually-grounded techniques; that transform her clients with lifelong growth. Her rich expertise in human behaviour shapes her profession as a writer and keynote speaker.

Maggie’s intuitive talent and deep curiosity for human connection is a core part of her work. She believes that connection starts with communication and the words we choose can have a profound impact. That is why Maggie helps individuals and organisations to convey their most meaningful messages with authenticity and impact, through her communication and copywriting services. Her expertise in human behaviour differentiates her from other writers; with her ability to extract thoughts and ideas that lay dormant in hearts and minds as she puts pen to paper to bring to life your most meaningful messages to the world.

Maggie is based in Sydney, Australia and serves clients both nationally and internationally

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