Connection is not cancelled

We could have never imagined the world as we experience it today, at an unprecedented standstill of challenges and opportunities. ⠀

Disruption has demanded stillness.

Fear has forged transformation.

Restriction has encouraged innovation.

Chaos has created a new order.

Panic has invited moments of calm.

Anxiety has activated gratitude.

A moment to awaken your inner world, as the outer world sleeps.

During challenging times, there is one principle I find most helpful to remind myself of – that is; there is nothing missing, if we really look for it. While lockdown creates the space to slow down and reset – choosing to embrace alternatives with curiosity and imagination makes all the difference. After all, some of the most brilliant minds on the planet ignited their genius during times of introspection. ⁠Some of the greatest discoveries that changed the world forever happened during the depths of stillness. And sometimes, the deepest connection we uncover to ourselves and others is born in solitude. So, when you feel like your resilience is being tested or need some help coping with it all – just remember that:

1.    Connection is not cancelled

For me, the human connection of BBQs with my larger (and louder) than life family, or dinner with friends now shared through Zoom, FaceTime and more group chats than my (tech-limited) brain can compute, has its upsides. I noticed through virtual alternatives that I am more present in conversations, intentional with my time and dressed for the part in the comfort of my unicorn slippers.

I’ve also stretched my strategic thinking with new additions to my resume, as a Monopoly and Pictionary Pro.

Are you searching for the silver lining and choosing to create meaningful time to really connect with yourself and others?

2.    Vitality is not cancelled

Energising my mornings with virtual Pilates, a frosty run or a walk with a friend has certainly been a challenge (especially in this weather!). I’m not going to lie, the temptation to stay in the warmth and comfort of my bed is very real – but just like any habit I help my clients hack, I reset by asking a few simple questions:

  • What is the benefit of taking action?
  • What is the cost if I don’t?

Intellectually, we all know the benefits of keeping active and eating well, but disruption to routine can test us all. For me, the cost of not exercising means not having the energy to do what I love (or really show up for myself, my loved ones and my clients). The cost is impacting my fitness and health. The cost is a clouded mind (and that’s enough for me to move!).

Typically, we are more inclined to take action when we realise there is a high cost if we don’t (the higher the cost, the greater the desire to avoid it). Think about it – the times when people turn their health around after a serious scare, or make payments on time to avoid late fees, or agree to huge compromises in a relationship.

We are more compelled to make it happen when we become conscious of the disadvantages (or costs), if we don’t. With that in mind, the key to hacking your habits and creating real shifts is to get present and identify the costs and benefits that are truly meaningful to you (be it related to exercise, or anything you’re struggling to take action on). But, don’t just intellectualise your way through it, search for the Aha moment answers – the ones that you feel on the inside, with certainty. Give it a go with this neat resource I created just for you.

3.    Curiosity is not cancelled

Fuelling the inspiration I gained from events, courses and galleries (did you know that the Louvre even has virtual tours?) has surged a new kind of buzz for me. A buzz that has restored my faith in the gift of time and just like my social connections, made me more present and intentional.

As I pressed pause on the autopilot of regular rituals, I asked myself – what are the new skills I want to acquire? What do I want to learn more about? How can I explore new ways to feed my curiosity?

And while I am not quite as pro-level as my Monopoly and Pictionary game, I reconnected with my love for painting (Picasso, eat your heart!) and book wormed my way back into a collection that missed me.


There is both limitation and liberation to lockdown. There is terrible and terrific. There is unlocking on the inside, with lockdown of the outside. This starts with a mindset that embraces choice of perception. ⁠This starts with recognising that connection, to yourself and others is not cancelled. If you’re curious about unlocking more from within, I’m a connection away – reach out for a conversation with me today.

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Maggie deep dives into the universal concept of human connection, on her insatiable quest to enrich it. Believing that every individual has a profound purpose on the planet – this creative, deep thinker helps those who are feeling disconnected from their ideal place of wellbeing uncover their inner power.