8 ways to build on your resilience

Through a connection close to my heart, I collaborated with a community that accessorises the world with jewellery for all the right reasons to share my mindset tips on creating a rhythm to your resilience. As the founder’s sister, you could certainly say I am the original and ultimate 8 Other Reasons fan – a brand I’ve watched grow from it’s birth, to provide women with every reason to accessorise the expression of themselves with jewellery. That is why it was a natural fit to create 8 tips on accessorising your mind during these uncertain times, to help people reconnect to their ideal place of wellbeing by embracing:

  1. Gratitude

The one ritual that has kept my heart light during this heavy time is practicing gratitude, consistently. Like many of us right now, I am finding it hard to see the silver lining. In fact, I am ready to put up the Christmas tree and send 2020 on its merry way. However, I believe that gratitude is one of the greatest forms of healing and certainly feel a huge difference when I put it into practice. It’s like my internal compass back to balance – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically. And while it is so important to count your blessings every day, gratitude expands well beyond just saying “thank you.” Deeper gratitude is finding the gift of the highs and the lows, it’s that hidden lesson when you ask “what are you here to teach me?”

So, my challenge to you, over the next 24 hours:

  • Set aside intentional, undistracted time and tune in with presence
  • Reflect on 3-5 things you are grateful for
  • Write them down
  • Find certainty of the blessings and lessons alike

To help you habit the art of gratitude, claim your free Gratitude Calendar here. 


  1. Ignite your day with intention 

Over the last few months, our regular routines have been turned upside down in many ways, making it easy for the regular rituals that prepare our mind for each day to fade. Protecting the mental boundaries between work and home when the physical ones are blurred can be challenging, when we don’t pay attention to our intention. So whether it is beginning your day the gift of music, learning, exercise endorphins, community or caffeine – ignite it with the intention to prepare your mind; even if that intention at the moment, is to simply breathe.


  1. Set aside time for stillness

Just like a computer, our minds need the space to reboot and whether this is meditation, taking a bath, having a cup of tea, or all of the above; the power of this stillness in slowing the mind down is truly profound. In my family, if you had a bad day, a broken heart or a flu; my Mum’s cure for everything was a cup of tea –  she believed it could heal just about anything. And it is still one of my favourite symbols for mental stillness today, that intentional act of slowing down delights tastebuds and brain cells alike.


  1. Journaling 

Literally pouring your thoughts onto a page.

There are some neat guiding principles you can use with journaling, if this is a strategy that works for you. I give myself a specific time or number of pages to just write freely, without thinking about structure or sense and just write without stopping. I also like to cue myself with opening lines such as:

“Today I am feeling…”

“The last time I laughed was…”

“The one thing I learnt the hard way was…”


  1. Morning routine

Of all the routines in our lives that make our day flow, I believe our morning one is the most important – it just sets you up for success for the day. And while not having to commute to work has given us the gift of time, rolling out of bed onto your laptop without honouring that the beginning of your day is simply your space for yourself is a recipe for burnout. So, guard the gift of your morning routine, it’s where you can connect with yourself without the interruption of the world.


  1. Move and move some more!

Whether this means your regular exercise, having a Drake break to your favourite song, keeping active fuels your mind just as much as it fuels your body.


  1. Embrace the outdoors

I certainly feel the difference on days where I haven’t managed to step outside for a moment. So, making a conscious and intentional effort – rain, hail or shine – to immerse yourself in the outdoors can bring great relief to your day.


  1. Visualise

We have all experienced that ground hog day feeling recently, when our days seem like a cycle of laptop and repeat. One of my clarity strategies as I prepare my mind for the day ahead is picturing my activities, conversations and connections unfold by consciously creating the images of how I will choose show up.


So whatever you take from this list – be it one or all that work for you and decide on:

  • What are your must have mind accessories this season?
  • What would accessorising your mind with these habits feel like to you?
  • How will you implement your learnings into new habits?


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Maggie deep dives into the universal concept of human connection, on her insatiable quest to enrich it. Believing that every individual has a profound purpose on the planet – this creative, deep thinker helps those who are feeling disconnected from their ideal place of wellbeing uncover their inner power.